Sunday, August 17, 2014

Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang (revisited)

We were pretty satisfied with dinner we had last time (way back last time). But we didn't have their famous fish and chips so we want to try it this time!

Although we reversed a table, we managed to reach there around 615pm on a Friday evening... The jam was massive due to the MRT construction on Bukit Bintang, took us an hour from Subang Jaya! We were one of the first few customers having dinner there, the earlier patrons were on booze :P

Parked at Radius International Hotel at RM7... during dinner we noticed that there's an open space carpark just adjacent of the restarant.

The place didn't change much physically, still the same smoking allowed restaurant, well kept and clean.
Choice of fish had reduced, we ordered 2 servings of cod and an onion soup and shared a fruit juice (Granny Smith apple and celery).

The soup came with 2 slices of what it seems to be Hainanese bread toasted with Mozzarella, absolutely fantastic!
But the soup (not sure if it is even called SOUP!?) was horrible! Down right let down! Tasted like onions in water!? And I thought it was my amatuer photography skills... but nope... it looks awful and it tasted even worse!

Then came the fish and chips, presentation was ok, portion was good but don't think its hygenic to stuff newspaper underneath :x

Batter was crispy, not the thick floury type that you usually get.
Cod was OK, but seems like it kinda lost its cod taste? I mean cod fish has its own "sweetness", this one, nope... fish texture wise it was OK.

We were actually pretty hungry yesterday evening... this dinner was far from satisfying... not worth the jam and time coming all the way... how unfortunate... Most probably won't be returning here again...

If you have another place to recommend for Fish and Chips, do drop us a comment! More than happy to try out something new :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Personal experience on Blue Mountain coffee

Have been hearing so much about this famous, maybe over-hyped Blue Mountain coffee... haven't seen a proper shop in Malaysia so we tried our very first one at TCC Singapore. And... its so @%#$ expensive!

To describe the taste... it like tea... Not in a bad way!
Its not the regular strong coffee we usually have, its light, and with that lightness in taste, it has a special coffee fragrant... and you don't get that caffiene effect after drinking... that's why I said, its like tea :)

Not really addicted to it but somehow whenever I go grocery shopping, I tend to check out the coffee section... and eventually bought this instant version from Jaya Grocers @ Empire Subang at around RM50

Wasn't really satisfied with the quality since its instant coffee... Then went on to try this Japanese one fron Isetan KLCC... now this one is nearer to the one we tried in Singapore... its RM27.90 for a box of 5!

This one is nice to play with, you open up the sachet and carefully pour hot water into it... it still slowly drip into the cup, very nice cuppa :)

Just sharing some personal experience in case a Malaysian has the urge for Blue Mountain coffee :P

Europe Fall 2013 - The last day! (Day 9)

Beautiful day and my wife's almost recovered! Lot's of sunshine! Also had one of the best breakfast on this trip!  The owner of this small cozy joint is a very nice person, he told us that we might have to wait around 30-45mins and lucky we waited for it!

Gartine is located 5mins walk from Spui stop. There aren't many tables, so waiting it inevitable but very well worth it!
Plate's are very nice, cappucino wasn't that presentable but it tasted perfect :P
We ordered their pancakes, comes with really really good homemade jams, their strawberry chocolate jam is out of this world!
And a big breakfast, comes with french toast to die for! Beside that is the homemade apple jam!
Also sunny side up, bacon and cheese
We seriously recommend that you try this one! One of the restaurants that we actually tipped as we were really satified with the meal!
After the hearty breakfast, we went around looking for a Samsonite luggage bag but with no avail. We heard that its cheaper in Europe but found out otherwise, maybe we didn't look at the correct place...

Today is more of a leisure cum shopping day, free and easy, no hurrying and rushing around. Since our flight is later in the evening, we had time to go around and look for stuff to buy.

Wife bought some local clothing brands and if you are looking for a watch or some accessories, you may try Ace and Dik Juweliers. They have really good service and have a few branches in Amsterdam and is an AD for various mid level luxury brands.

Then you may refer here for VAT refunds when you are at the airport, go early :)

Well, should not have anything else to add since we are going back in a few hours time... so sad...
Frankly... we should have get a few more days leave and stayed on! That will definitely make the 13hour flight more worthwhile! That long haul flight is no joke...

Till our next trip, we hope that our blog can be of some assistance to travellers... I really need to find more time to update this blog :x

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop any comments or queries! If you have any suggestion, we will be more than happy to update them here for the benefit of all :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Europe Fall 2013 - Windmills, Cheese and Clogs! (Day 8)

Hopefully today's gonna be a relaxing one since we are joining a full day local tour by Lindbergh Tours. We didn't which tour company initially since we booked it via Viator.
Its a full day, approx 9.5 hours called Amsterdam Super Saver 3: City Tour, Zaanse Schans Windmills, Volendam and Marken Day Trip at 50/pax. Which is a steal since the windmills and the cheese factory are pretty far away and it will be a hassle going there by public transport. We believe the tour price varies depending on the travel period.

Remember to print and bring along that e-tickets and redeem the actual tickets at their center.
Some random snaps since we were arrived there before the departure time. Very cartoon like buildings :P
Here are some snaps on the bus along the way.
Heineken factory, my colleague said there isn't much to do there, but if you are a beer lover, you get a pint upon leaving the factory :P
The city tour wasn't worth the time as we spent quite a bit at the diamond factory... well, its a good experience though since there's a walk through on how diamonds was processed before reaching the market but at the end of the this tour, it feels like they are trying hard to sell you something :P
 Machines used for shaping and polishing:
 One of their largest diamonds, the black one:
The famous iAmsterdam taken from afar:
Some random snaps on the way back to the center.
After the city tour, there around an hour and the half before the windmill tour starts. So we had a quick bite at Greenwoods, just a stone throws away from the tour center. Ranked 4th in Amsterdam by Trip Advisor, unfortunately we didn't know how to appreciate it :(

We ordered almost all of the specials of the day.
Breakfast omelette (with 4 kinds of cheese), the eggs is nice but there's one or more cheese that has quite a pungent smell...
 Beetroot with celery soup, pretty much tasteless...
 Lunch special, too sour :P
Anyway, the presentation was good and the staffs were friendly :)
And we forgot to snap the receipt... its around 20+

We headed back to the tour center to continue the second part of our tour which covers Zaanse Schans Windmills, clog factories, Marken and Volendam Cheese factory.

First stop is Zaanse Schans, a small quiet and cozy village, loads of info on the web, won't repeat them here :)
There are some with entrance fees, some are free. This is inside one of the windmills, its used to make spice:
Caught this beauty while leaving to Volendam and Marken:
Next stop is the cheese factory, here they explained how cheese is processed and there's also tasting for a lot of cheese! Being a cheese lover, I tried most of them and bought the smoked one! Unfortunately forgot to take a photo of it :(
We took a walk in the village to the clog factory, beautiful and pleasant, perfect weather!
Very pleasant and amusing guy! He explained the entire clog making process and even did a sample on the spot!
Plus, he took and handful of saw dust and handed over to me and said, "This is Dutch custom, put them in your pockets" :P
Used to be a very manual process, now with machines, they just put it in and the machine does the rest. Below is the "freshly" sample :)
Wife wasn't feeling very well and slept the entire trip back... took her back to the hotel then I went out to buy dinner, bought "Char Siew" and "Siew Yuk" rice from Nam Kee.

Along the way, I took some beautiful night shots! Looks like a piece of art, doesn't it? :)
Noticed the crowd on the bridge in the middle of the photo? That's Red Light District! The restaurant was on another direction so i didn't pass that area!

And when I tell people that, they said "Are you for real, mate?! That's like going to Paris and skipping the Eiffel Tower!!". Next round we will return to this place! I promise! :P
Basilica of St. Nicholas just opposite the Main station:
 The Central Station:
Let's hope my wife get's well soon tomorrow :)