Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A personal experience: VAT/tax refund at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

It has been a while since I posted. Just returned from Europe last Sunday. Going to write this mini guide first as I think its pretty informative for non-EU travelers who plan to do some shopping in EU countries.

The entire process consists of just 3 steps:
  1. prepare your passport, boarding pass and fill in your personal details on the receipts
  2. get those receipts stamped at the Customs (they might check your purchases also)
  3. get your tax refunded 

Initial preparation
Things you need:
  • passport
  • boarding pass (e.g. you can do a web check-in in your hotel first and show the PDF boarding pass on your tablet)
  • receipts of goods (you need to request from the merchant that you are purchasing from, they have a longer receipt for you to fill in your personal details [name, passport and address] and an envelope specially used for tax refunds, all of mine are from Global Blue)
  • your goods (they didn't check my goods at all except for the watch where I was told that I can only get the stamp at the Customs after passport control. Since my check-in counter is in Terminal 2, I went to Terminal 2 to check-in my luggage, went through passport control then walk all the way back to Terminal 3 from the inside), they need to see that watch so I kept it in my backpack

Customs location (Receipts need to be stamped by the Customs officer in order to get a refund!)
There are 2 customs located in Terminal 3:
  • Near the Terminal 3 entrance (more counters)
  • a very small one just after passport control (next to it is a Global Blue counter)

There are 3 Global Blue counter on the left side of the Terminal 3 passport control and 1 counter after passport control just next to the Customs counter

Getting back your tax
  • if your merchants are using Global Blue, you can get back cash on the spot or credit card (within a few weeks) at the counters depending on the method of your purchase
  • for the watch that I bought, I paid the export amount (without VAT) and they pre-authorized my credit card for the VAT amount (they will charge if they do not receive the stamped invoice), I needed to get the invoice stamped at the Customs after passport control in Terminal 3 and mail it back to them. They were very nice as they prepared an envelope with their address and a local stamp, after getting that stamp from the Customs, I just sealed it and dropped it at the nearest mailbox in the airport itself

Some more details can also be found on the below links:
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Will be posting more on my trip soon, thanks for viewing :)