Friday, November 30, 2012

Hong Kong Winter 2011 - Day 3 (Mong Kok, Wan Chai, Jordon)

Another nice day for food hunting :)

Breakfast (total spent: HKD86)
The morning started with Hong Kong's famous delicacies - the "charsiew fan" at Joy Hing
Found this place on, pretty good ratings but...
Anyway, we ordered a "charsiew" (half fatty, half skinny) rice (HKD26) and added a "lai pai siew yuk" (single serving roast pork) (HKD60)... rice is normal, "char siew's" normal, roast pork too salty... KL better, any time!

We have added the address here for the sake of consistency... try at your own risk :P
Address: Block C, G/F, 265-267 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai (Wan Chai MTR Exit A2)

Breakfast (round 2) (total spent: HKD46)
Next on the list is the Australian Dairy Company... we have heard a lot about this place from friends and relatives :)
We ordered a breakfast set and shared, well worth the money spent!
The queue was long queue but fast, people were lining up on the streets... anyway, this was taken after we had ours :P
Here's the menu for the benefit of the chinese readers, sorry for not having a translation since I can't read :P

The breakfast set came with toast, scrambled eggs, macaroni and ham in soup and a coffee, all that for only HKD26
The scramble eggs lived up to its name, fluffy and fragrant, perfectly made :)

We also added their famous milk pudding (HKD20) - people who love milk will love this :)

Address: G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan (Jordon MTR Exit C2)

Lunch (total spent: HKD90)
Next stop is Kam Wah Cafe... This place is famous for its "polo yao" (pineapple bun with butter)

Ordered 2 polo yao (HKD16 each), "for tui chin dan" (turkey ham and fried egg) (HKD26), "nai cha" (milk tea) and hot "ling cha" (hot lemon tea) (HKD16 each)
And yes... the polo yao is delicious!

Address: G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward (Mong Kok MTR exit B1)

Snack (total spent: HKD36)
Had a walk on Gold fish street and Lady's street, gave us the Petaling street feel but a lot cleaner :)
Part of our list was to find smelly toufu, since its winter time, it should be easier to find. 
Stumbled upon one, huge crowd so we took our chances! It's called Kai Kee snack shop

At first we bought 2, then we bought another 2 after we finished the first round because it was seriously good! The stench wasn't so bad maybe because the weather was cold, also, it's not smelly if you are the one eating it :P
Awesome when ate with the chilli sauce! (HKD9/piece)

Address: 41, Dundas Street, Mong Kok (at the junction of Dundas Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street South)

Dinner (total spent: HKD50)
Had dinner pretty late since we had too much toufu earlier :P
We found this place highly recommended by HK's official tourism site, one of the famous winter delicacies, claypot rice! We headed to Four Season pot rice (四季煲仔飯) at Yau Me Tei
You can't miss this place because of the queue... we waiting for almost an hour standing in the cold! Frankly, we almost gave up... the queue started at Arthur street! Most of the patrons are locals!
Its also crowded inside! The tables and chairs are so close together that you can barely move because a stranger is just sitting next to you :P
We ordered their famous "lap mei fan" (not sure how to translate this... should be on the menu somewhere) (HKD22), a vegetable (HKD8) and fried oyster pancake (HKD20)

Remember to add the soy sauce your own unlike KL where everything is already added.

Pancake is oily but oyster's are fresh and big!

Address: 46-58 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei (Yau Ma Tei MTR, exit C, walk along Man Ming Lance and take a left at Arthur St)

** Darn... my stomach is growling while updating this blog :x

Supper (total spent: HKD28)
We ended the day with dessert! Same place near our hotel :)
Tonight we had sweet potato in ginger soup and added 3 peanut "tong yuen" (glutinous rice ball filled with peanut) - one word... fantastic! (HKD28)
Thanks for reading, Day 4 coming soon! (^_^)b

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hong Kong Winter 2011 - Day 2 (Central)

We woke up pretty early this morning, feeling very excited over the cooling weather and the fact that we can finally make use of the winter clothing in our wardrobe :)

Breakfast (total spent: HKD42)
We had a prearranged dimsum brunch at Times Square with our cousin the previous night... Since we were early (and hungry), we shared a breakfast set at Delifrance for only HKD42 (comes with a cup of coffee and apple juice)

Breakfast (round 2) (total spent: slightly less than HKD400)
After the light meal and a quick stroll outside of Times Square, time for dimsum! Lei Garden at Level 10

Packed as usual...

My cousin ordered since she's familiar with the menu... as far as I remember, these are the delicious dishes that I managed to capture :)
"song see quen" (fish,bacon wrapped in fried vermicelli)

"char siew bao" and custard bun

"siew mai" and "har gau" (nearly forgot to photograph them :P) 

"lo bak quen" (carrot roll)

"wu wat" (yam ball - we usually call it "wu kok" in Malaysia though...)

"hor yip fan" (lotus leaf rice) - for some reason, rice/glutinous rice always taste better in Hong Kong... far better quality that what we can get back home...

This is our first time having Hong Kong dimsum, definitely will go again in our next visit :)

Lunch (total spent: HKD96) 
We walked around Causeway Bay area then we had a quick lunch at Ippudo just within the vicinity of Times Square.
We were still full due to the heavy dimsum earlier so we just shared a bowl and a snack...
They serve white and red soup, we took our chances with the red one, similarly priced :)

Akamaru Shinaji (red soup) (HKD68) - Although this is good, I personally still prefer Shanghai's Ajisen Ramen over so many other ramens that I have tasted...

special BBQ pork bun (HKD28) - We think this tasted better :P
Address: 2/F, 8 Russell St., Causeway Bay (Causeway Bay MTR Exit A)

All that strolling and cooling weather made us hungry pretty fast! We headed to Tai Cheung Bakery for their famous Hong Kong egg tarts! They cost HKD5 per piece, freshly baked and had quite a queue... bought 6 and planned to kept 2 for the next day's snack before breakfast :)

Well... I guess the egg tarts couldn't last the night :P
Anyway, the tarts are really good, a bit sweet but good :)

Address: 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central (Central MTR Exit D2)

Dinner (total spent: HKD40)
Dinner time came sooner that expected :P
Found this place on the net, Tsim Chai Kee (famous for their Ping-pong ball wontons)

We ordered wanton noodles and horfun fishball at HKD20/bowl... the wantons were as big as golf balls (came with 3), generously stuffed with 3 prawns where as the fish balls (came with 2) were huge as well... just slightly smaller than tennis balls!

Nice hot dinner on a cold night, fabulous :)

Address: Shop B, G/F Jade Center, 98 Wellington Street, Central

We got some bottle drinks from the MTR station, it's a franchise selling boiled herbal teas and soups (the shop's name is in my previous 2009 trip :P)

That's all for Day 2 (Hong Kong Central), stay tuned for Day 3 :)
Thanks for reading!