Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hong Kong Winter 2011 - Day 1 (Arrival)

We arrived in Hong Kong around 6:00pm. After leaving the Arrival Hall, there was a row of transportation companies up ahead, you can't miss them... Ours is Vigor :)
Just go up to the counter, register then wait for the attendant to bring us to the bus departure halls, about 5-10mins walk...
Before that, we bought the extremely useful Airport Express Travel Pass at the MTR counter (Actually we tried to buy the pass via online using HSBC as there a discount. Unfortunately the transaction never got through, we asked the attendant about it and got to know there was a system error with HSBC. There were other tourists facing the same problem...)
Bus trip took about 45mins, and here we are :)
The room is modernly designed and is a lot smaller than the previous trip
And something interesting is the hotel calls... "the Magic Glass" :P
There's a switch next to the bed and another one just above the toilet to turn it on and off
Plus something useful, heated mirror :)
You don't have to wipe the mirror every time you take a shower:
We left our luggage in the room and went down for dinner. There's a steamboat shop nearby which we found using a very useful Hong Kong food website

Dinner (Total spent: HKD226)
The weather was actually colder than expected... perfect for something hot!
It's a small shop, all of the customers are locals:
Not sure what this is, seems like soya sauce with chilli, but taste better than that... maybe they cooked the soya sauce?
Fantastic mixed seafood balls (consists of prawn, squid, fish and pork balls)!
I always wonder why meat looks and tastes so much better than anywhere other than Malaysia :x
it's sliced pork, we ordered also fish ("wan yu"), vegetables ("tong ou") and udon noodles... forgot to take photos as we were busy enjoying the food :P
We ordered the clear soup, it come with a big chunk of toufu :) 
The dinner cost only HKD182!
Address: G/F, 130 Electric Road, Fortress Hill, North Point

We took a stroll after dinner and bumped across a dessert shop, pretty crowded so we reckoned that it's gonna be good :)
We ordered toufu far and black sesame, awesome :)
Special thing about the toufu far is it comes in a wooden bowl and you add sugar to taste, different from what we have back home...
HKD44 (HKD22 per bowl) for the dessert :)

OK... let's call it a night, Day 2 coming soon :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hong Kong Winter 2011 - Costing and planning

This is my second trip to beautiful Hong Kong! The 5D4N trip cost us about RM7k, inclusive some light shopping. This trip is more for "makan makan" or a relaxing one since the only thing that we did was walk around and look for great food to eat! :)

It's more like a 4D4N trip as we took a late morning flight and left also late in the morning on the last day. It's so much more relaxed and less tiring compared to the last trip :)

Word of advice, there's pretty much nothing useful to buy during winter time in Hong Kong... what they have is only winter clothes, lots and lots of winter clothes...

Anyway, it was a last minute decision, therefore we tried Cathay (previously we flew Airasia)... Most probably we won't be going back to Airasia unless there's no alternative :)
Below is the costing breakdown:
  • Cathay Pacific return tickets (2pax) + airport-hotel coach transfer + 4 nights at the Empire Causeway Bay - RM4662 (We find the price rather reasonable considering the travelling period is between Christmas and New Year)
  • Airport Express Travel Pass - HKD600 (HKD300/pax) (since our package includes airport transfer, next time we will try buying a normal Octopus card and reload instead because we didn't ride the Airport Express)
  • Food - HKD2500 (HKD500/day)

We love the weather! Everyday its slightly less than 20°C, it gets colder at night... fantastic for steamboat, hot desserts, noodles, anything hot! you name it :)