Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hong Kong Winter 2011 - Day 5 (Good bye...)

Time to go back... was a bit reluctant to leave due to the nice cool weather and awesome food we had for the past few days :(

Breakfast (total spent: HKD104)
We ordered 2 breakfast sets (HKD52/set)... comes with ham/mushroom, bacon, an egg, beans, garlic toast, a small cup of fresh orange juice and coffee :)
Pretty different from the normal Hong Kong style breakfast, this one is more... western :P
By the way, this cafe is pretty cozy :)

That's all for this round! We will try not to go to Hong Kong within these few years and give other countries a chance :P
Hong Kong is a very nice place, excellent food! We will return in a few years time, maybe with our future kid :P

Thanks for reading :)

Hong Kong Winter 2011 - Day 4 (Central, Wan Chai)

There's nothing much to do except eat during winter :P

Breakfast (total spent: HKD38)
We shared a Western breakfast set, nothing special, tasted good though :)
There's something about eggs in Hong Kong... they are delicious for some reason, maybe they don't have that fishy "egg" smell?

Address: Capital Café (華星冰室) - Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard Street, Wan Chai (Wan Chai MTR Exit A2 (opposite of Joy Hing))

Snack (total spent: HKD36)
We returned to Tai Cheung Bakery for their egg tarts and this time we tried their BBQ pork pie (HKD8/piece), pretty good actually... too bad we forgot to snap a photo before we ate :(

Lunch (total spent: HKD36)
We found this place via openrice.com as well, was a bit hard to find as the shop is located behind a stall and the entrance is narrower than a normal door :x
what's more, its seriously packed!

we tried their specialties -  french toast (HKD16), pork chop bun (HKD17) and "simut nai cha" (uhh... sock tea milk? :P) (HKD17)

The food here is pretty good, especially the pork chop bun :)
The honey jar is for the toast, I'd say more authentic than K*m G*ry :P

A hungry day... we forgot how many small meals we had today :x

We went back to the shop we visited previously in 2009 (HK 2009 Day 2)
The fishball noodles are fantastic, we tried their porridge/congee this time, pei dan sau yuk (preserved duck egg and pork)
Tad salty but its amazing how they can make the texture is super smooth!
Porridge wise, we recommend the one in Mongkok (HK 2009 Day 3)

You know... a funny thing happened during this meal, as we know "gwei lou" is a general term used to address Caucasians, might sound offensive to some but its already widely recognized...
so instead of saying "here comes 2 gwei lou", the cashier at the front said "here comes to hellos" :x
Pretty creative use of words!

Anyway, after the meal we had a walk around Harbour City, the largest mall in Hong Kong! Lot's of attractions :)

Had a drink at Starbucks, ours legs are sore after walking around the entire day... and strangely we have no idea why this is called Iced blended mocha, it's still ice cubes :x
Beautiful Christmas decos and night view at 1881 Heritage just nearby :)

Its was a seriously long day, my back was sore due to the DSLR that I was carrying, not to mention a bottle of water as well! We dropped off our stuff at the hotel and headed downstairs for dinner at Cafe EOS

Dinner (total spent: HKD170)
We passed by this place every night, no long queues but it's always packed
My phone's camera is not working so didn't manage to capture anything :(

We ordered angle hair with crab meat dinner set, it came with soup and coffee (HKD95) and fettucine with bacon (HKD75), pretty good so we decided to return the next morning for breakfast before our early flight :)

Felt like the longest day in Hong Kong :P

Friday, November 30, 2012

Hong Kong Winter 2011 - Day 3 (Mong Kok, Wan Chai, Jordon)

Another nice day for food hunting :)

Breakfast (total spent: HKD86)
The morning started with Hong Kong's famous delicacies - the "charsiew fan" at Joy Hing
Found this place on openrice.com, pretty good ratings but...
Anyway, we ordered a "charsiew" (half fatty, half skinny) rice (HKD26) and added a "lai pai siew yuk" (single serving roast pork) (HKD60)... rice is normal, "char siew's" normal, roast pork too salty... KL better, any time!

We have added the address here for the sake of consistency... try at your own risk :P
Address: Block C, G/F, 265-267 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai (Wan Chai MTR Exit A2)

Breakfast (round 2) (total spent: HKD46)
Next on the list is the Australian Dairy Company... we have heard a lot about this place from friends and relatives :)
We ordered a breakfast set and shared, well worth the money spent!
The queue was long queue but fast, people were lining up on the streets... anyway, this was taken after we had ours :P
Here's the menu for the benefit of the chinese readers, sorry for not having a translation since I can't read :P

The breakfast set came with toast, scrambled eggs, macaroni and ham in soup and a coffee, all that for only HKD26
The scramble eggs lived up to its name, fluffy and fragrant, perfectly made :)

We also added their famous milk pudding (HKD20) - people who love milk will love this :)

Address: G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan (Jordon MTR Exit C2)

Lunch (total spent: HKD90)
Next stop is Kam Wah Cafe... This place is famous for its "polo yao" (pineapple bun with butter)

Ordered 2 polo yao (HKD16 each), "for tui chin dan" (turkey ham and fried egg) (HKD26), "nai cha" (milk tea) and hot "ling cha" (hot lemon tea) (HKD16 each)
And yes... the polo yao is delicious!

Address: G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward (Mong Kok MTR exit B1)

Snack (total spent: HKD36)
Had a walk on Gold fish street and Lady's street, gave us the Petaling street feel but a lot cleaner :)
Part of our list was to find smelly toufu, since its winter time, it should be easier to find. 
Stumbled upon one, huge crowd so we took our chances! It's called Kai Kee snack shop

At first we bought 2, then we bought another 2 after we finished the first round because it was seriously good! The stench wasn't so bad maybe because the weather was cold, also, it's not smelly if you are the one eating it :P
Awesome when ate with the chilli sauce! (HKD9/piece)

Address: 41, Dundas Street, Mong Kok (at the junction of Dundas Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street South)

Dinner (total spent: HKD50)
Had dinner pretty late since we had too much toufu earlier :P
We found this place highly recommended by HK's official tourism site, one of the famous winter delicacies, claypot rice! We headed to Four Season pot rice (四季煲仔飯) at Yau Me Tei
You can't miss this place because of the queue... we waiting for almost an hour standing in the cold! Frankly, we almost gave up... the queue started at Arthur street! Most of the patrons are locals!
Its also crowded inside! The tables and chairs are so close together that you can barely move because a stranger is just sitting next to you :P
We ordered their famous "lap mei fan" (not sure how to translate this... should be on the menu somewhere) (HKD22), a vegetable (HKD8) and fried oyster pancake (HKD20)

Remember to add the soy sauce your own unlike KL where everything is already added.

Pancake is oily but oyster's are fresh and big!

Address: 46-58 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei (Yau Ma Tei MTR, exit C, walk along Man Ming Lance and take a left at Arthur St)

** Darn... my stomach is growling while updating this blog :x

Supper (total spent: HKD28)
We ended the day with dessert! Same place near our hotel :)
Tonight we had sweet potato in ginger soup and added 3 peanut "tong yuen" (glutinous rice ball filled with peanut) - one word... fantastic! (HKD28)
Thanks for reading, Day 4 coming soon! (^_^)b