Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hong Kong - Day 6 (Epilogue)

We asked for late checkout, but the best that the reception can do is 1:00pm... We woke up early as usual and went to Central hoping to get some famous dim sum... we were really really unfortunate that Yung Kee (famous roast goose and listed as one of the top 15 restaurants in the world) was CLOSED on that day!

A word of advice... NEVER EVER choose to go to Hong Kong/China/Macau on China National Holiday, Mid Autumn Festival, etc...

We went over to the other street where Luk Yu Tea House is located. This restaurant was also listed in some websites and tour books... at least its open :)
Kinda surprised to find out that most of the patrons are tourist... the environment is pretty cozy, air cond is cold, there was something different with how the dim sum was served... initially the waiters came out with a tray, but after like 10:30am or so... dim sum was served only if we ordered, and we had to ask for the menu... and it took quite some time for them to serve the order too... we had some commmon dim sum, and also ordered some special ones where we never tried before:
Red bean pastry, usually pastries like this at home is filled with char siew, this one is filled with red bean paste, not bad :)

Carrot cake, now this is very different from what we had before... the carrot cake is steamed in a porcelain bowl, and before eating, the waiter poured in some soy sauce! We liked it very much :)

Siew mai, steamed pork and prawn dumpling (har gao) pretty much the same :)

Should be called egg cake (gai dan gou), the difference with this and the normal cake is, this cake is made with additional ingredients, parsley and bits of egg yolk! Though the combination sounds odd, it tasted pretty good :)

The bill came to about HKD200... actually its really pricey since its located in Central Hong Kong... we will try to find some other reasonable yet delicious dim sum shops in our next visit... maybe not in the near future but we do hope to visit Hong Kong again :)

After breakfast, we took MTR back to our hotel, had shower and packed our bags ready for checkout :(
Since we had some time in our hands and not wanting to get sweaty and stuff, we placed our larger luggage with the concierge and only limit ourselves to walk around the nearby shopping complex. We explored all the levels and found an interesting one selling miniature clay animal figures, they were really cute... especially the bunnies! Too bad we were not allowed to snap photos :(

We had lunch also in the complex, Ajisen Ramen! The first time I had this was during my employment in China a few years back, one of the best ramen I had, and it was during winter, simply amazing :)
The soup is pork based and very sweet, the needles we hand made that time :)
When I got to know that this restaurant is finally opened in Malaysia, I was thrilled! I had lunch in the 1 Utama branch and was extremely (again... extremely, extremely) disappointed... maybe because it's halal, no offense... but it was horrible, I don't even want waste time bringing my wife to try it...
The Singapore Taka branch we had was a little better but the Hong Kong one brings back the good old memories. My wife liked it very much :)
Below is the Char Siew Ramen, apologies as we only realized that we have not taken the photo after started to eat :P

We also tried the Kimchi fried rice, good but not as good as the ramen :)

After lunch we went for dessert, we pass this small shop every time we go out and return to the hotel :)

The skin is not crispy enough, a bit on the plain side and a bit thick... but the inside is a nice mixture of strawberries, cream, custard, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce... costs HKD38 :)

We took an early cab to the Kowloon Airport Express station. The taxi driver was not very honest as we think he over charged us... there will be a fixed charge of HKD 5 or 10 (sorry, really forgot...) from the hotel to the Airport express station and vice versa. The cab driver will press a button and the meter will bump up the fare by a fixed amount... in our case, my wife noticed that the guy pressed the button twice and when we were about to leave, he verbally added another HKD10 to the fare displayed on the meter! We didn't suspect anything until we recalled the fare that we paid the first day we arrived in Hong Kong... so fellow tourist/travelers, do take note on this :)
Alternatively, maybe you can try out their complimentary shuttle bus service for Airport Express Pass holders, maybe I'll try this one out in my next visit :)

Remember the Airport Express Travel Pass what we bought when we arrived? You can return it at the MTR counter at the airport and get back all the cash that you loaded plus a HKD50 deposit, well worth the price, huh? :)
There was nothing much to do at the airport except for waiting... the flight was delayed... typical AirAsia schedule I reckon... tiring day... I can't seem to find the food court area my dad mentioned... lucky we bought some bread at the bakery before leaving the shopping complex... and we shared a chicken rice and Milo on board the plane :)

Oh... on the plane, there was this old lady from Indonesia (kind of guessed from the accent) was coughing and sneezing... what's worse is she sat beside me and we were in the first row! I asked the stewardesses for a mask either for the lady or for us but they said they've ran out... I then asked them to check whether the lady was in the correct seat as she was seated in another row separated from her relatives...
Finally she shifted to the row on my right, the couple seated there was already wearing masks then complained to the stewardesses (of course unable to get masks)... the couple offered the lady a mask but you know what's the shocking part? The lady said, "No, I don't want your mask, I have my own!" and proceeded to wear it... I was like what the f***... you had a mask and you were sick and on a confined area and you didn't want to wear a mask until asked by so many people including the stewardesses! Hello... it's H1N1 season! Talk about inconsideration... this is really unacceptable... I was so furious that time that i couldn't sleep!
Anyway, the couple couldn't stand it and went to the back row after that... man... we all paid extra for the hot seats... she was there just because she was a senior citizen and this is how some people show their appreciation...

That's all for our Hong Kong trip, it has been an amazing experience, both of us loved the food and the wished that we had spent another few more days there! Usually my wife will get happy and all whenever we're heading back home, this time she was slightly moody and told me, "I don't care, we're coming back here again next time!" So most probably we will plan another trip there some other season, maybe during summer when there's less rain and more shopping :)
Also we might also try staying in Tsim Sha Shui area in Marco Polo Prince as recommended by my dad... it's about HKD100-200 per night more than our current hotel. It's nearer to the bustling Nathan Road and saves more traveling time, we'll see how it goes next time :)

Will be back with more photos and food in our next destination somewhere in December, adios and thanks for reading :)